Strategic individualized consulting, advising, and management service to bring about sustainable agriculture enterprises, land security for local farms, resilient agrarian communities, land-based legacy, and a deep stewardship of the earth.

Direct services provided to farmers, landowners, land trusts, nonprofits and aligned organizations, communities, and state and federal entities in New Hampshire, New England, and around the United States.




Farmland Transfer Consulting

Strategic advising and project management to support contract negotiations, real estate due diligence and the purchase and sale process. Depth of experience from transferring ownership of 60 farms.


Farmland Conservation Consulting

Individualized advising, support and partner and structure development to bring about farmland protection through conservation easements, affordability, stewardship and farm practice deed restriction, and innovative models. Depth of experience from completing over 100 conservation projects.


Farmland Stewardship Consulting

Farmland and forestland evaluation and observation, restoration, enhancement, management, and investments all focused on resilient ecologically diverse landscapes that support sustainable agriculture. Depth of experience gained from involvement in agriculture, conservation, zoning and planning Boards and Commissions, University of NH Coverts program, County Conservation District, creation of Land Stewardship Committee, and many innovative ecosystem based collaborations.


Farmland Tenure Consulting

Advocacy, guidance, negotiations, contract drafting, and support to create secure and equitable access to farmland for farmers. Depth of experience gained from bringing about over 30 lease, use, staged transfer, and equity agreements.


Agriculture Based Fundraising Consulting

Guidance, advice, and leadership to secure local, state, and federal funding, private foundation philanthropic giving, voter-passed bond and warrant funding, crowd-source fundraising, capital campaigns, local direct investment, and strategies. Depth of experience gained from completing over 80 fundraising projects and raising and securing over $18,000,000.


Non-Profit Consultation and Advising

Organizational management and advising on transitions, financial management, strategic planning, collaborations and identifying appropriate partner organizations, real estate asset management and fundraising. Depth of experience from serving as volunteer and consultant in Board and Advisor roles on local, regional and national nonprofit and mission aligned organizations focused on agriculture, conservation, food systems, education, and land management.


Grant Management

Advising and managing federal, local and private grant programs and grant applications. Depth of experience from operating a private grant program that disbursed over $3,000,000 over ten years, serving on grant review committees for private and federal programs, and managing over 30 federal grants.


Messaging and Communications

Strategic guidance on outreach, education, awareness and communications to convey message, build interest, develop community, and raise funds and support.



Strategic balanced and professional activism to bring about innovation and change within nonprofit organizations, local, state and federal agriculture programs, conservation and ownership structures used in farm preservation, and in bringing about desired specific change.


Fees are determined on a project and service basis, based upon scope of services and complexity of project. A sliding scale rate of $80 to $120 per hour plus expenses is used.