Curriculum Vitae

My life work has focused on a passion for human connection to soil and food. In the first stage of my career I was a Social Worker; working in school, residential, in-patient and community mental health settings in NH and OR.  I focused on developing and operationalizing several outdoor experience based education programs.  Desiring more direct work with human connection to soil and food I shifted my career to real estate; working at a private club in Montana, in residential sales in NH and then founding a brokerage and consulting company to focus on prioritizing conservation, agriculture and community within typical land development.  The Russells engaged me at this stage, first hiring me to help acquire a parcel of land for conservation outcomes and then hiring me on to operate and grow their private foundation.  I was able to grow their foundation from an education and land conservation focus supporting a few towns to a state wide operating and nationally recognized leader in farm based fundraising, farm land conservation, negotiations and transfer, access and tenure, stewardship and management toward sustainable and regenerative agriculture with equitable secure tenure for farmers.I have also participated in many farm land and food systems initiatives and have served as a consultant to a number of organizations, locally, regionally and nationally.  Additionally, I have also served on zoning, conservation, planning and agricultural Boards and Commissions, County Conservation District, Regional Planning Commission and University Extension Coverts Program, over the last fifteen years.  I have been recognized as a 40 under 40 leader in NH and selected for the Leadership Institute at Food Solutions New England.

Through careers in real estate, philanthropy and now entering into consulting I have been able to:

  • Work directly with over 70 organizations focused on land conservation, agriculture, and community
  • Partner with over 45 townships, and local, state and federal partners
  • Assist over 70 farms
  • Create 33 lease agreements and many farm/land management agreements
  • Complete 107 farmland focused projects to conserve, transfer and/or provide tenure for sustainable farms
  • Protect over 13,000 acres
  • Raise and secure over $18,000,000
  • Pass numerous Zoning and Land Use changes and secure Warrant and Bond funding allocations

All aimed towards providing benefit to farmland, farmers, community and local agrarian economy.

Below are highlights from some of my work over the last dozen years. Some of this has been as employee of Russell Foundation while some was as volunteer, as it went beyond the interest and mission of the Russell Foundation, but was closely aligned with my passions.


Speaking engagements, including but not a comprehensive list:

  • Local, statewide (NH, MA, VT, and ME), regional, and national conservation, agriculture and non-profit conferences
  • Dartmouth, Brown and Harvard Divinity School, Vermont Law School, University of NH
  • Association of Conservation Districts and Conservation Commissions in NH
  • National Young Farmers Coalition around the northeast
  • Northeast Organic Farming Association
  • Quivara in Albuquerque, NM
  • Food Summit in Nashville, TN
  • TedX in Manhattan
  • Glynwood and Hawthorne Valley in NY
  • Faith Lands and Lead with Land in CA
  • Land For Good around the country
  • Land Trust Rallies and Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders Forums around the country



Agrarian Trust

  • Overseeing, guiding and leading the organizations growth into a national land trust focused on community ownership of farmland for sustainable regenerative agriculture with secure and equitable tenure for farmers.  Now leading organization as Dircetor.

Equity Trust

  • Supported and collaborated on all NH projects
  • Developed some of their projects in NH and CO

High Mowing School

  • Brought about the conservation of “Frye Field”, acquisition of 101 acres by school and conservation of the hilltop
  • Created and carried forward the most successful fundraiser High Mowing School has had (most donors and dollars raised)
  • Created a Land Stewardship Committee, a long term sustainable land management plan and first ever formal lease of school farm land to Temple Wilton Community Farm
  • Active instigating and guiding member of the unification committee that brought High Mowing and Pine Hill together as one school

NH Community Loan Fund

  • Helped develop and provided majority of projects to Farm and Food working land program
  • Helped develop and provided all projects to farm bridge loan program

Organization for Immigrant and Refugee Success

  • Facilitated land security for the farm program; through two long term lease agreements and purchase of center of operations
  • Developed land stewardship and management structures and brought together appropriate partners
  • Created farm and housing community development plans and have secured permitting

Slow Money

  • In discussions around developing a dedicated fund targeting farm and food sectors in ME and NH (similar to their SOIL fund in front range of CO)

Temple Wilton Community Farm

  • Supported farmland acquisition, conservation and conveyance of all farmland to Yggdrasil Land Foundation
  • Brought about the acquisition of Four Corner’s Farm

Yggdrasil Land Foundation

  • Developed, managed and completed all NH land projects (except TWCF orchard field)
  • Some advising on WI projects and other potential projects around the country

New England Grassroot Environmental Fund

  • Grant review board



Farm School – Athol, MA

  • Developed a holistic approach to complete land conservation, affordable employee housing and expanded natural, agricultural and educational use areas to expand operations and land base

Federally Designated Farm Land of Local Importance – New Hampshire

  • Led research and evaluation process to bring about designation of an additional 104,000 acres of additional farm land in Hillsborough County to now qualify as federal USDA eligible land for funding and assistance

Red Fire Farm – Granby, MA

  • Created community land trust model within a conservation land trust to own farm and provide 99 year ground lease to farmer in MA

Temple Wilton Community Farm / 4 Corners Farm – Wilton, NH

  • Created “Community Supported Land Ownership” model to bring forward the CSA model to land ownership

Wingate Farm – Hinsdale, NH

  • Created the first ever affordability and active sustainable farming restrictions in NH (Option to Purchase at Agricultural Value – an expanded conservation easement)

Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success – Manchester, NH

  • Created a farm community and a unique “incubate-in-place” model farm incubator for refugee families