Temple-Wilton Farm

The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model of farms began with the Temple-Wilton Community Farm (TWCF) and has now grown to over 12,000 in the country (USDA; 2010). This Farm was one of the first two created and is the longest continually operating CSA farm operation in the country. The TWCF is a biodynamic farm that focuses on soil health, animal and food health, and human health through a closed cycle where the animals provide input to benefit soil health and the soils provide benefit to the crops. This allows the Farm to provide year round diversified offerings of nutrient rich products to farm members and the community.

Lincoln Geiger, Temple-Wilton Community Farm, Wilton, NH

Farmland Consulting provided assistance to the Farm to secure, conserve, and ensure permanence to the farm operations through transfer of all lands to Yggdrasil Land Foundation. The development of a new model of Community Supported Land Ownership through the support and guidance of Ian McSweeney has led to ownership of the farmstead and the heart of the TWCF’s operations. Ian worked with the following partners to bring these projects with the TWCF together:

  • Natural Resources Conservation Services / United States Department of Agriculture – Farm and Ranchland Protection Program
  • Town of Wilton
  • Farm members and supporters
  • Cadmus Foundation
  • Farmers and landowners Lincoln Geiger and Anthony and Glynn Graham
  • Yggdrasil Land Foundation
  • NH Community Loan Fund
Lincoln Geiger and Anthony Glynn Graham