High Mowing School – Frye Farm & Temple Wilton Community Farm

A seventh generation family farm was coming to an end. A Waldorf boarding school desired more land to expand their farm and land based programming. The Temple Wilton Community Farm needed to expand their land base to grow the operation. Ian McSweeney brought parties together and negotiated agreements that created an opportunity to achieve multiple goals. Ian then carried forward a project that raised and secured $1,800,000, conserved 150 acres of important land atop Abbot Hill in Wilton, NH, transferred ownership of Frye farm and forest land to High Mowing School, developed a lease to Temple Wilton Community Farm, created a shared land use agreement with neighboring Pine Hill School, developed a Land Stewardship Fund and Committee to oversee the land, created a trail network, diversified habitat, obtained National Certified Tree Farm Status and brought the land into biodynamic management. The project was recognized by the NH Surveyors Association with the Land Ethics Award for stewardship of land and by RSF Social Finance with an Innovation Grant for the creative partnerships.