East Road Farmland Corridor


East Road Farmland Corridor, Weare, NH


“Speaking on the value of volunteerism in our community, and many of those volunteers who are working each year to preserve the rural character of the town through land conservation. Last year, voters approved the purchase of 137 acres of conservation land on East Road. The land, referred to as the Banks/Schmid property will be protected by a land easement held by the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests. Twenty acres of that land will be set aside for town use. Selectmen toured that property in the fall to get a better picture of the contours of that 20 acres and its’ potential use. A gravel pit on the site will immediately provide gravel pit for the highway department, and there is certainly no shortage of large rocks there for crushed rock. Although some of the projects will be challenging, the Selectmen see future ball fields on that site. Most importantly is 100+ acres of farm and forest land that will go under conservation. This holds special value because it is contiguous with other protected land. One hundred years from now, people will be able to walk down East Road and see the same fields and woodlands that we see today. They will be able to walk the forests and trails in North Weare, and will be walking the same trails that we see today. Lets hope that 100 years from now, people are still coming to bat for what they believe in, and the spirit of volunteerism survives as long as the land.”

– Tom Clow, Weare Board of Selectmen, Chair

A partnership between the Town of Weare and its citizens, Boards, Commissions, and Committees, the United States Department of Agriculture, the Mildred Hall Trust, the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, and some generous and visionary landowners was brought together with support from Ian McSweeney. This partnership and eight years of work have resulted in the conservation of over 350 acres of important farm and forest land that encompasses the historic original center of town. It is walkable from the schools, and creates a corridor along East Road.