Dimond Hill Farm

Dimond Hill Farm is a model of how a community can come together to preserve its historic agricultural landscape, local food production, and farm economy. Since 1827, six generations of the Presby family farmed this property before a generational transfer and the need to divide the estate equitably put the farm at risk. The ultimate solution was complicated but elegant: Sale of conservation easements to Five Rivers Conservation Trust and historic preservation easements to NH Preservation Alliance permanently protected the property while providing resources for the heirs to share. Farm title passed to Equity Trust, a non-profit land trust charged with ensuring active farming continues on the land, and Jane Presby was granted the right to run her farm business for life.”

– Jim Oldham, Equity Trust




Dimond Hill Farm’s mission is to serve the land and community with transparency, integrity, reverence, and gratitude. This mission guides all aspects of the farm.

I am a seventh generation farmer. I practice conscience farming methods to provide fresh quality vegetables for our farm stand. This 150 acre farm provides a place for people to experience: walking on the trails, shopping in the 180 year old barn for fresh produce, walking the labyrinth, picking raspberries and blueberries, visiting the llamas, walking in the lovely flower gardens, taking in the magnificent view, and enjoying special events.

This Peoples Farm is able to live on through an integrated effort of Equity Trust, Five Rivers Conservation Trust, NH Preservation Alliance, Natural Resources Conservation Services Farm and Ranchland Protection Program, the Russell Farm and Forest Conservation Foundation, the City of Concord and the people that make up the farm community.”

– Jane Presby, seventh generation farmer


Jane Presby, Diamond Hill Farm, Concord, NH