4 Winds Farm

4 Winds Farm, Peterborough, NH

“We can’t thank Ian McSweeney enough. He facilitated negotiations and helped our family navigate a complicated lease. In addition to helping with the lease, the Ian has provided ongoing assistance and support with regard to financial and business viability advising and to zoning and farm use issues. Most farms are, by necessity, located within the rural zone and this often limits a farm’s ability to expand its offerings and to increase sustainability and long-term security. Ian understands these obstacles and is helping make changes in our town, which will help farms to secure economic stability while conserving precious farmland.”

– Carrie Dumas, Dancing Ground Farm

A historic farm of national significance sat vacant and a local organic farm’s viability is limited by lack of secure long-term access to farmland. The  provided assistance to bring the landowner and farmer together; created a long-term lease and use agreements; developed sub-lease to create farm collaboration; addressed multiple levels of oversight, enforcement and interest held by land trusts, town and state; secured town-wide voter approval to revise zoning expand allowed farm practices; and fostered partnerships to provide business expertise and financial resources to support expansion.