Regenerative Agriculture
Human & Environmental Ecology
Farmland Conservation, Tenure & Stewardship
Financial Sustainability


Ian McSweeney

Farmland Consulting LLC, Founder/Manager
Agrarian Trust, Director


Ian’s life work is focused on human connection to soil and food. First as a Social Worker focused on developing and operationalizing several outdoor experience based education programs. Then seeking more direct work with human connection to soil and food, in real estate founding a brokerage and consulting company to focus on prioritizing conservation, agriculture and community within typical land development. More recently as Executive Director of the Russell Foundation, a private foundation focused on assisting landowners and farmers through customized approaches to farmland ownership, conservation, management and stewardship…


Here are a few statistics from our work we have been keeping a record of.

Total acres protected for the benefit of communities.

Projects that have protected and assisted farms.

Total dollars raised and secured to protect the acres and the farms.

Projects partnered with U.S. Department of Agriculture / Natural Resources Conservation Services.

Projects that have partnered with municipalities and communities.

Projects that have conserved and/or transferred property.

Land lease, use, management, and stewardship agreements created.

Nonprofits, communities, and organization worked with.